Our Shariah-Compliant Policy

ABS Developers is immensely proud to secure the spot of being the first Shariah-compliant real estate company in the world. Where we carry the mission to transform the way of living, we also go to great lengths to ensure that all our dealings are in line with the divine teachings of the Shariah. From the construction of mega-projects to renting/selling residential/commercial units, we place a premium on transparency, integrity, and professionalism as directed by the Quran and Sunnah.

We strictly adhere to Shariah-compliant policy, which is grounded on the following principles:  

1-Use of lab-tested material:

We use meticulously lab-tested materials in our construction, ensuring that the built structure has significant strength that makes it safe against natural catastrophes like floods, earthquakes, and fire breakouts.

2-Diligent Field Surveillance:

To ensure high-quality work on the construction site, the company’s top staff and highly qualified engineers personally invest themselves and conduct 10-15 hours of surveillance. The holy Shariah emphasizes that we must maintain high quality when delivering any project. And we comply with it!

3- 100% Refund Policy:

We are super flexible when it comes to buying or returning residential flats or commercial units. Complying with the Shariah injunction, we offer a 100% refund without asking any irrelevant questions if you want to return our apartment or unit.

4-No price difference: 

ABS Developers believes in a 100% Riba-free policy in deference to Shariah injunctions. Whether you pay full cash at once or follow our installment plan, the price remains the same.

5- Zero late fees:

Client facilitation is our middle name. We do not charge you even a single penny as late fees. 

6-On-Time Delivery:

ABS Developers believes in a pragmatic and honest approach and promises to deliver projects and grant possessions on time. 

By following a Shariah-compliant policy, we strive to foster a beautiful living community where residents are entitled to enjoy all the amenities and luxuries they actually paid for. Collaborate with ABS Developers, the first Shariah-compliant real estate company, to make your living dreams come true!     

  • Dr Muhammad Ikram


  • Dr Subayyal Ikram


  • Dr Humbal Ikram

    Managing Director

  • Ar. Shaniyal Ikram

    Director Operations

A successful real-estate company owes its achievements to its staff, and ABS Developers is a great example endorsing this proposition. From Chairman to CEO and managing director to a team of engineers, ABS Developers is a warehouse of real estate and construction expertise always geared up to take on new ventures aimed at improving the lifestyle of residents. Below is a brief information about our top staff:

Why choose us?

Partnering with ABS Developers will make you eligible for many benefits, as stated below:

  1. Shariah Compliant
  2. 100% Riba Free dealings
  3. Full and Easy Cash Refund
  4. Assurance of quality material testing before usage
  5. Provision of cutting-edge amenities in the construction