ABS Mall & Residency

ABS Mall and Residency is among the major achievements of ABS Developers that speak volumes about its world-class design and luxurious amenities.

Spanning over a whopping 160,000 Sq. Ft, rising up to 120 ft. height and equipped with 21+ modern amenities, ABS Mall and Residency has been designed to merge premium retail experience with luxury residency. Whether you are on the hunt for a residence equipped with ultra-modern amenities or looking to start a business venture, ABS Mall and Residency is designed to cater to all your needs and wants.

Location Features:

ABS Mall and residency lies at the main entrance of Bahria Town, which makes it accessible to many important areas of the city. For instance, the famous Talwar Chowk is located at a distance of 1 minute; Grand Jamia Masjid at a stretch of 3 minutes; Shoukat Khanum Hospital at a distance of 10 minutes and 13 minutes from the center of Lahore city. Its prime location has drawn the attention of many business ventures that are vying to expand.

Residential Apartments:

Within ABS Mall and Residency, there are 140+ residential units designed to meet the unique needs and wants of our clients. Take a look at our residential plans:

  • 1-Bed Apartments:

    Our most basic residential apartment is 500 sqft and equipped with a bedroom, a kitchen, a washroom, and a living room. It also has a one-bedroom option facing the ring road and has an area of 540 sqft.

  • 2-Bed Apartments:

    This spacious dwelling option has two bedrooms, a living room, a washroom, and a kitchen and is 1140 sqft in area. Its space allows you to accommodate your surprise guests in a lavish way.

  • 3-Bedroom Luxury Apartment:

    This is a great option for large families. It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms and is 2050 sqft in size. A go-to option for large families that prefer spacious living, this apartment serves multiple purposes.

  • 1 Bed Penthouses:

    People with a predilection for royal living and scintillating views from heights can choose our modern 1-bedroom penthouses, which cover an area of 1350 sqft. Our penthouse is a luxurious lifestyle statement that you should adopt.

  • 2 Bed Penthouses:

    It is an exceptionally spacious dwelling with an area of 2305 sqft. A not-to-miss option for people who love to capture breathtaking scenes from the top of the building. 2-bed penthouses are the epitome of class and luxury.

Modern Residential Features:

Take a quick look at the modern features we provide in our residence:

    • 24/7 Grocery service
    • Infinity Pool (A special type of pool that is designed to make you look like the water is disappearing off into nothing, as there is no edge on that side)
    • Double Height Private Residential
    • Lobby Roof
    • Top Fully Automated Complex


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Commercial Units:

ABS Mall and Residency surpasses offering a mere residence and occupies 160+ commercial units, including corporate offices, commercial retail stores, and Tech and IT Zones Stores. To ensure a healthy traffic flow, the mall features a children's play area, a food court, public restrooms, and a Mosque with a capacity of 300+ people. This gives residents and outsiders the added convenience of having all the essentials at a nearby distance. Commercial units are equipped with modern amenities that are likely to support a wide array of businesses.

  • Ground Floor Mall Retail Outlets:

    These are well-equipped and modern retail outlets covering an area of 170sqft.

  • First Floor Retail outlets & Offices:

    A Great option for corporate businesses and spans over an area of 150sqft. 

  • Lower Ground Floor Retail Outlets:

    Refer to a group of top-notch retail outlets, each sprawling over an area of 150sqft.

Modern Commercial Features:

Take a look at the multifarious features of the ABS Mall that rival the class of international malls.

    • 4 Story malls
    • Tetra Story Atrium
    • High Speed Elevators
    • Arcade
    • Ground Floor outlets 
    • Hyperstore Lower Ground Oriented

ABS Mall and Residency combines luxury and modern technology to carve out a fostering ambience for businesses willing to grow and expand their reach. This construction masterpiece features contemporary architecture and amenities that transform a regular business into a reputed brand.


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  • Infinity Pool

  • Four Story Mall

  • Rooftop Garden

  • Apartments &
Luxury Penthouses

  • Fitness Center

  • Designated Parking

  • Community Shops

  • Jamia Masjid

  • 24/7 Security