Our Team

A successful real-estate company owes its achievements to its staff, and ABS Developers is a great example endorsing this proposition. From Chairman to CEO and managing director to a team of engineers, ABS Developers is a warehouse of real estate and construction expertise always geared up to take on new ventures aimed at improving the lifestyle of residents. Below is a brief information about our top staff:

  • Dr Muhammad Ikram


  • Dr Subayyal Ikram


  • Dr Humbal Ikram

    Managing Director

  • Ar. Shaniyal Ikram

    Director Operations

ABS Company Policy

Partnering with ABS builders will make you eligible for many benefits, as stated below:

  1. 100% Refund Policy at any stage
  2. 0% Late payment fines
  3. 100% Same price on cash and installment
  4. 100% On time delivery
  5. 100% Lab tested Raw and Finishing materials
  6. 10-15 Hours Directors At Site